The Sustainable Pea

Green Pea Company farmers have worked with Birds Eye since 2003 to ensure that their farming  practices will not compromise the ability to keep producing quality peas in a great environment for years to come.

Grown across East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire on a variety of soil types and landscapes by farm businesses large and small, Birds Eye peas are an integral part of a varied environment.

Each Grower is helped to protect and improve soil, water and biodiversity whilst producing top quality peas as part of their own farming rotation.

A journey of continual improvement.

Sustainability Training: Through two grants from DEFRA over 3 years comprehensive training in sustainable farm methods has been delivered to all growers.

Environmental Targets: Under a programme of one-to-one training all growers now have a whole farm Environmental Action Plan, with clear environmental targets, produced with the help of FWAG experts.

Owl Boxes for a healthy landscape: the barn owl is an important indicator of a healthy ecosystem feeding on mammals around field margins. This project encourages growers to erect barn owl boxes.

Informing the public: working with LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) growers have designed and produced sign boards to inform the public about the crop and environmental approaches.